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Thornlie like the wolf

Lovely Thornlie work. By Jaidyn Jaxxon.

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Gasping at Flaws, Ben Elton’s Gasp Review

The main concern I had with Gasp in the first half, was that it wasn’t bad enough. It was pretty ordinary, the jokes were generally average and the hammered in WA references were often excruciating, (cut them all out) and … Continue reading

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War of the Dozers

But perhaps a little just warring? Fremantle Arts Centre Comedy of Errors was disrupted (as was Pete F’s snooze) by some worthy peacenickery. Sound trumpets! let our Jervois Thunder colours wave! And either victory, or else an empty Ugg boot … Continue reading

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No Leederville Picnic

This is what’s missing from Subiaco. Although exactly what she’s doing isn’t entirely clear. Where is that picnic? Is this like hiding the chokito? By Daniel B.

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From little things…

Perth Modern celebrates their Rolfian heritage. I hear there was some classic (ie played) weedkiller C&B drawing action on the playing field too. It can happen. By Hugh Jass.

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Snuff’s Missing Links 46

Joefreemanjunior. Poland. Chinese whispers. Dungeness revisited. (Snuff’s Missing Links 41 ~ Prospect Cottage) Lollipop man. Kate Moss. This article discusses a few things that I’d wondered about, and which now that I understand better, wouldn’t change for the world. Shot. … Continue reading

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Too much vibrancy

Vibrancy, eh? Get too much you get too high. Not enough you’re gonna die. Too late to sample Hello Hollywood in Westminster. Vibrancy cancelled. Lights out. No Elvis or magician. By Matt in Landsdale. I love the cocos and the … Continue reading

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