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BSWAM (Bartender’s skills with a Manhatten) sent a wonderful series from Philadelphia. Here’s a couple. A wonderful public artwork celebrating looking up kids’. Apparently they were roped off, so he couldn’t get the traditional closeups. And one of their celebrated … Continue reading

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By #NF1. What’s their attitude to fat chicks?

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Brownsville Vibrant

WGG notes that the Jetstar website hasn’t caught up with how Perth has totally envibranned in the last few years. Orbea has the evidence. True story.

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The Unsaved

Six years later, the Jesus saves dinosaur Internet cafe is still sad and vacant. Just the outline of the cross remains. I notice that beard barbering shops are closing in nearby. Pray.

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Snuff’s Missing Links 40

Champagne supernova. Swipe right. Dita Pepe. Russia. The Range, Slab City. Let his love pop a cap in your butt and say hallelujah. Wilf and Derek. Unheimliche. Hicksville. The Godfather of the PayPal Mafia. Howard Quimby. Power to the people. … Continue reading

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Edward De Bozo documents an undocumented soldier in Nannup. From the soap makers war perhaps? I thought it was all hippies down there.

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We can haz Free piss

Tonight Outrage taunted me by phone that he was out on a small bar Junket. I retorted that I was already in the middle of a freepiss frenzy on the other side of town. Does it really matter who was … Continue reading

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