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Well I guess the kerning is ok. By Reign of Error. Fremantle. Should have got a tagger in to do the sign. I would have gone “Club Seaman”. 

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Wonky Eye

This split level eyed woman on the Beaufort Arrondissement has annoyed me for years. Always want to get out and lower the top one. Maybe why I never quite join the Beaufort Street Network.  

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I’ll pretend I know what this means. Subiaco. I think I took this myself.  

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Kanga Art

Sigh. I get the feeling we’re stalling in our post vibrant project sometimes. CBD.  

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Pete F reminds us that there is still a Steve’s Tavern in Nedlands. The only question is why is there still a Steve’s? I remember in the 80s when you could spill out of Steve’s, piss in a pensioner’s letterbox, … Continue reading

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Pruned Vibrancy

I’m sad to say that two days after the blooming Fords post was up, there was a savage reduction in Bedford post vibrancy. It’s gone, assumedly after reading this organ. I can visualise a scenario, possibly with a spouse storming … Continue reading

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Four Backwards Steps

Come on Perth, I thought we were Post Vibrant now? We are backsliding back to pre vibrancy. 4 examples. 1: The shitty bronze of Governor Stirling,(recently shamed as some kind of Pedo by Dodgy Perth – the Gov, not the … Continue reading

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