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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.

Viva Las Ascot

I’m sure we had the old Ascot Hotel on here once? Derelict gazebos etc? Now as Pete F shows, it’s all gold urinals and individual chandeliers. Grab your chance to wee on these while the gold is relatively gilt. I … Continue reading

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That’s adorable

Oh Mt Hawthorn. May you never stop trying! Envibrancing has passed you by. By BX.

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High Fibre

By AG. Claremont. If this was a Saturday morning in Highgate, this would have been a faeces smeared goonbag.  

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Beautiful Carlisle succulent. Rope it and they will come. By Timboglio.

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Snuff’s Missing Links 45

Stronzo Bestiale. Segway. Stress mushrooms. I can understand why a person might not bother with a Facebook account, but it would be worth creating one in order to lurk this page alone. Mister Ed. Vanilla sex. Ice cube. Bad news … Continue reading

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McGowan. It’s not going to happen.

Bonus post today. Didn’t take long for my post Rottnest ennui to be broken. Now. Mark McGowan. Can we all finally agree that Mark McGowan, also better known as “The Slightly Damp Teatowel” isn’t up to the job of opposition … Continue reading

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Is nothing sacred?

Location unknown although smart arses live there. Does an innocent board have to be subjected to this so called humour? They truly are the worst of Perth. By Pete F.

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