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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.

A(nother) Torana of Gold

HERB claims to be missing Snuff’s links already, so offers his own. Also, in lieu of something else, let me offer another Torana of gold against your soul. The last was over 6 years ago. This one is indeed on … Continue reading

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Working Bullocks

Spoiler alert. You need to work them firmly but gently. I read the last page. This is the sequel to Total Bullocks. Fremantle.

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Why? Because shut up! Devastating Mandurah scene by Alasdair. Could it be more perfect? And is this the style of letterbox featured more than 7 years ago?

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The Global Envribrancy

Stu’s regret on having to leave the brutal Perth envibrancing yesterday, reminds me to remind youse of what we are. Perth is the centre of the universe, where the rest of the planet is the environs. Paris, as Gerro are … Continue reading

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Look up, Look up!

Imagine getting the news from a Telstra box! The news that you’re a cunt that is. From Stu, who is finding it hard to deal with the envibrancing of Perth and is moving on to less, or perhaps more mature … Continue reading

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Bayswater Vandalism

A plaintive cry against Bayswater council vandalism pinned up at the shops. Just what that vandalism might entail seems to have been missed. One may well cry j’accuse on Sylvan Alberts on his vandalism of concrete benches with pictures of … Continue reading

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(Possibly last) Snuff’s Missing Links 53

Snuff’s commitments to the Shaolin means that this may be his last for a while. Thanks for all the wonderful links Snuff. Spiritual duct tape. Vintage Tokyo train posters Under the sun. Baby cheeses. Ulf. Mighty Atom. Pong. Dem bones. … Continue reading

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