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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.

Sitting on it

Jamie Redfern and Liberace. Bassendean. Possibly caused by a power vacuum as Rolf downgraded to The Boy from Bayswater.

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Yoked to Progress

As Kalamunda Shire lets the side down so much so that some people are welcoming their potential Belmont overlords, it is up to Gooseberry Hill to provide the satirical artwork. Guernica like in its scope, this piece depicts the yoked … Continue reading

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I guess tapas was a long way off in 1962. Was Teh Calib a small var? By Alasdair.

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Coastal Boozie 2

Orbea took in some Broome Boozie. Perhaps a step up from Coastal Boozie One, but he didn’t document the flange or back door, so hard to tell.

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The Dead Car Pool

A nice honest bad sign. Seen by Anon on the way to Geraldton.

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Hot Mongrels

Another Curtin wag. But I can’t imagine a better host for this 公主 fest. “She may be a Chinese mongrel but she scrubs up ok!”

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I’m against the details

Whatever this means I don’t like it.

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