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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.

Terror of the Swan

I can’t believe we haven’t had these before. But even if we have, the giant swan at least should be seen again. By GT.

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Snuff’s Missing Links 50

50 saturdays of Snuff. Should be a novel. You seen my goat ? Xmas is coming. A disruption mechanism The internet is over. Go home. Keith the Anger Management Koala. Night of the Gingko. Yes, that Oliver Sacks. A woman … Continue reading

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So, what am I looking at here?

Is it…architecture? By Alasdair. Augusta. Home of the Hepcat. Possibly literally. I raise my cup to whatever these are.

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The other type of graveyard

Nangs plus burnouts = Small bulb bars are on their way. Nice to see we are moving post vibrancy style from bong graveyards to nang graveyards. If only this was Nang-Gara and not North Cock-Burn. By Dave P. 

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Stupid roundabout in Geraldton

Says Orbea. Sounds like someone had to ride a bike all the way there. Into a northerly smelling of Eneabba. With bonus Vibe nightclub. And cocii.

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A Barbie booth off Beaufort and a wonderful factory in Baysie. By To ski.

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Bypass the world

Bunbury is all about bypassing. You bypass Bunbury, then when the shame of where you are bypassing hits, you have to bypass the bypass. And then you essentially have to bypass your own consciousness as you bypass the multiple Bunbury … Continue reading

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