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Fuck off it’s Winter

Kalamunda has retained its elderly zombie bogan vibe over the years, when you might have expected it to have become kind of artistic rustic. Quinoa has come late to this part of the world – although I have noticed The … Continue reading

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Le zig zag

In France, Tullio sees that they are going for less vibrancy. Seriously, if you can’t urinate in “mode zigzag”, then the (Algerian) terrorists have won. Inadvisedly the sign has not been laminated. Tullio claims to have zig zagged it back … Continue reading

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Yagan Square’s hips and hoons

Yagan Square isn’t even built but already drunken louts are on the roof of the artist impression. No doubt taunting some anodyne piece of sculpture. And the future hips are apparently going to be wide and strong enough to birth … Continue reading

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As tight as a

By Orbea. North Fremantle.

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Snuff’s Missing Links 38

Brown bears hunting salmon. PC gone meh. I shoot and I vote. Welease Wodewick. Pansak Sakpiboonrat. Tatunca Nara. Verschleif. Her love of living things extends even to journalists. Airtype. Okay. I love lamp again. Havana.

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I still taste lame

Andrew J takes us to Bibra Lake, where the lameness of the graffiti takes on the brutal lameness of the built environment.

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As eaten by Jesus

By Stu. Fremantle. Try the Bethlehem Biriyani.

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Free Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky is never free. By Cimbali.

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Four Fascists of Beaconsfield

Wow, two masterpieces in a row. If you thought yesterday’s was good, how about this? Someone really had a thing for mid 20th century strongmen in Beaconsfield. As discovered by Alasdair when out house hunting. The agent apparently made no … Continue reading

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Oh the Urology!

In seven years of submissions, this would have to be one of my all time favourite photos. Without, the urology clinic sign, a winner. With, it’s a masterpiece. By Dan of Maylands. There could even be a hint of an … Continue reading

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