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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.

San Quentin Quail

OK, we are back, with a devastating post from Pete F. C&B artists, public art artists and even piss artists are no longer safe. It was suggested that I run a crowdfunding campaign to demonstrate the pitiable tightarseness of TWOP … Continue reading

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Brief respite

We have unfortunately reached the maximum amount of picture uploads on this site after 8 plus years. There will be an enforced holiday for a few days while I work it out. I may even have to pay good money … Continue reading

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Baysie Arts Supremos

Anyone feel like nominating me? Or Outrage? Or both?

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La Pav

Edward de Bozo notes what appears to be a representation of the yoni to Matthew Pavlich’s Lingham in East Fremantle. Or maybe it’s his sister? In any case it’s going to cost a fortune to relocate it to Cock Burn. … Continue reading

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Go back to Russia

So, a small bar owner is calling for other small bars to be prevented from opening in his area, because $10 cocktails. Jeezus after fighting restrictive legislation for a decade, the sector is now calling for legislation to prevent people … Continue reading

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Mos Mag Mystery

I’m not exactly sure what’s worst about this Mosman Park Magna, but if Pete F. Sends it in…is it the parking, the bonnet?  What am I looking at here?  

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The iconic Ming Dynasty in Morley, the original lion banner for TWOP. Now it has a wonderful neon fail.  From a colleague of Adam G.  

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