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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.

Union Land

Bento noted that McDonalds has become organised labour friendly all of a sudden. Or is Union Land a display of great 8 Hour days of the past? In any case, the slide is totes being shut down for “safety” reasons.  … Continue reading

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Wogs in Work

Thought you might like to see how Melbourne does Cocii. First, you need an industrial wasteland of concrete and poisoned earth. Then, cloud up the sky. It is never gauche and relentlessly blue like Perth. THIS is post vibrant.  And … Continue reading

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I’m glad it’s not a bronze of Andrew Forrest or May Gibbs, but is this what we want for public art? Can’t She-Ra stump up for a couple of Fernando Boteros? Are ciggies the new post vibrant? It’s all here. … Continue reading

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Bayswater Resources

Ok I’m back from Melbourne. I was going to extol the virtues of semi industrial Williamstown. But how could it compete with Bayswater’s vision for the future?  Or is that a small bar? And plans for small bars for the … Continue reading

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Hang ’em

Like partisans being hanged on the Russian Steppes...Collins Street Melbourne CBD. 

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My policy on…potty mouths? Fitzroy. or alternatively, “Ahh, that’s where I left it.” 

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G’Day Bollards

Melbourne seems to still be stuck in previbrancy. Geelong anyway.  

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