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Welcome to Loser Town Loser. 

Still laughing at Reign of Error’s Bibra Lake expose. What total loser would live in the Cock-Burn enclave of Bibra Lake.  Particularly on the corner of Renewable and Solar. Or Sustainable and Aspration! Way to reduce property prices! Is this for … Continue reading

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A switched on Pingelly is not the Pingelly I have experienced.  But putting up the poster in Adelaide Terrace maybe people will believe it?

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With a Rebles Yell

By Reign of Error. Fremantle.    

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You’re all to blame

Note: If anyone is crossing the “Cultural Centre” could they get a shot of the strips of “artworks” that have been painted on the pavers sort of near the “library”. Won’t be able to get there and need a picture. … Continue reading

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Or has it?

Treated with contempt by termites maybe. I love these. Aspirational signing in Mandurah. The termites are behind you. By Alasdair.

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I’d make an offer TBH.   Or are these books 50 Cent recommends? Loving how he rocks that chain. By Simon G.    

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Chair baggsing

Lovely Belle Ende Epoch lighting, highlighting the practice of “chairing” parking spots in Mt Lawley. Just up from Bell Enders actually- if that’s still going. Is it? Or did the auto toilet outside kill the apre football trade? Can anyone … Continue reading

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