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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.

Invaders Unplugged

Bento saw this lovely brickwork in West Perth. Looks like it may soon be gone. But I’m glad he recorded it for us. This really is great.

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and Sniff?

They’ve thought of the scratch, but thought stopped before they had a chance to think about the sniff. Stop trying so hard Maylands, Subi is dead already. By Mat.  

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From the pixel to the boozie

Have we reached the peak of terrible wine labels? Could anything be worse than this? Let me make it clear that the pixellation is on the label, not my photo. Can we not have nips on a $50 bottle of … Continue reading

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Cultural Embarassador

I’m going with not worst for this. (obviously). Unless you can speak Chinese, in which case I have a new category. Worst pronunciation of Chinese by me. If subtitles don’t appear, click CC button.

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Frill Necked

El Guisto was a little peeved this didn’t get a run. I do like the mug and the liquorland vouchers, but is that enough these days? Do a deal with dazza?

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You can’t handle the herbal

Simply marvellous demonstration of the Albany commercial rental market by Pete F.   

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Bundy shall not weary them

As those of us left behind are wearied… I would like to have shown more of this scene, but…message me privately.

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