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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.


The most pathetic, and somewhat disturbing palm in Western Australia. But I can’t stop looking. Is it getting hot in here? Rottnest.  

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Karma Chakra

Did youse know that the Rottnest Lodge is now The Chakra Lodge? I’m not joking. You can get a Root or Sacra Chakra cocktail. Again, this is not a joke. I believe both of these Chakras are located in the … Continue reading

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So Close

Just in case I am unable to post from Rottnest, Dave P. shows that as soon as Krazy Tees closes, a new showering and shoe wearing class moves into Fremantle. Things are changing already! Although as Pete F. Shows, anarchy … Continue reading

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The Outrage Denunciation

Well if only 380 (at time of writing) want Outrage Cohen out of journalism, then he is not doing his job! And therefore should be out of journalism. Surely we can get this above 10,000, where he could be proud … Continue reading

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Good Will Hunting

I love this. Why can’t all small businesses sack their Madison Avenue advertisers and simply call Will? I hope that’s a pie bag. If Will wants to make a small promotion of his electrical skills and allow me to display … Continue reading

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Free beer tomorrow, elephant gods today. Eighth Avenue Maylands is still shitting all over Rockeby Rd Subiaco. What will they come up with next? Free parking? 

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The Turning

Freo’s Krazy Tees gone? Say it not so! How will we discern the six different types of farts from info on another’s shirt??? Will Ugg boot emporiums be next. Can the bankrupt and empty shops also close? Is this the … Continue reading

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