Nanna and the funnymen

Hard to hear TLA and the others last Friday over the cries of the raucous massed throng.

Who is going to get the She-Ra Vibemaster General gig?

Outstanding photo by Brooke Bannister of the ABC.

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12 Responses to Nanna and the funnymen

  1. So I think we can rule out option

    “Have the ABC do live radio broadcasts from Forrest Place”

    in the list of ways to make the city more vibrant.

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  2. rottobloggo says:

    Strange how the cactus seems to be goop exploding from Alex’s ear…

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  3. vegan says:

    who’s the dude on the left?

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  4. Is there ABC audio somewhere?

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  5. The Legend 101 says:

    Was russel wofle there (joke)

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  6. Falun Bong says:

    Is Werzel still a priest?

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  7. UWA Fresher says:

    Christ, who’s the ‘tard?!

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